Teruhiko Yumura, Flamingo Studio,Tokyo, Japan.

King Terry’s
Heta-Uma Dictionary
Casual Casual

King Terry is my all-time favorite graphic artist and designer and has had a huge influence on me since I first saw his work reprinted in Wet Magazine (California) sometime in the early 80s. As great as all of Terry's works are this 1986 Heta Uma book is one of my favorite books EVER! Heta-Uma = Bad/Good drawing style, and the dictionary tackles a number of broad subjects such as "Transportation", "Love" and "Sports" with a generous supply of drawings by the master in each category followed by an empty box that says: "Draw here!" giving you a chance to practice what you have learned.

One of the great joys of my art career was eventually meeting him in person after having him contribute work to my Casual Casual magazine and then later the Cultural Exchange show for which he personally introduced me to a great many of the very finest artists living and working in Japan at that time. King Terry also introduced me to the work of soul music sensation Blowfly. K.T.J’s work adorns my walls and my heart. I penned a little tribute to him in a song called Momentary Love Affair using some of his catch phrases and the language of his art. The review he gave me and Casual Casual in this edition of the “Heta-Uma” book is still a real thrill for me to see even though I can't understand a single word of it. :)

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